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WWN – Wow the Bottle Bibz is proving very popular!!

Thu Mar 23, 2017


Launched last week we are so very pleased (and humbled) by the response to our new product!


The bottle bibz really is a bib for a bottle! When bottle feeding your little ones. they dribble milk – with the Bottle Bibz you simply pop the elasticated collar around the neck of the bottle and the highly absorbent, little bandana bib absorbs any liquid spills.  This avoids soggy, wet tops and necks and keeps your baby comfortable, dry and happy. So simple, so clever, so Skibz!

We’re doing for milk what we do for dribble, absorbing it as quickly as possible in the funkiest looking way. We can’t believe it hasn’t been done before!

The bottle bibz is made from 100% cotton in a grey and white star unisex design and is backed with a double layer of highly absorbent, beautifully soft white towelling. All liquid spills disappear without a trace, problem solved!

The fine elastic collar will fit all bottles and the bib part sits comfortably under your babies chin to absorb any excess moisture.

To check them out click here.


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Congratulations to Caroline Spencer and Husna Sadiq on winning ‘Manic Monday’ on our FB page and #Winitwednesday over on our Twitter page.

Offer of the Week


We've had to call this design 'Hartley Hare' after the lovely character from the Pipkins Puppet Show. A trendy print backed in soft plush, what's not to love? And now HALF PRICE for one week only - enjoy!

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